January Meeting
We are ready to announce that the January in-person meet-up is now a special meeting inviting all persons interested in Florida CS education. The meeting will be a pre-conference event, as part of the CS Firehose (same format as the last two years). However, the agenda will be a bit different this year as we are sharing our time slot with the State Dept. of Education to have a bigger discussion about CS education in our state. Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 1:00 PM.
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Getting ready for November meeting

We had a great meeting in October, and we are looking forward to our November meeting - Wednesday Nov 6 @ 7.  We will have a guest from CMU to share and answer questions about the FREE resources CMU is providing for K12 teachers including curriculum and training opportunities.  Dial in and check it out. Leslie from CSTA national will be helping us out as well.
A quick shout out to member Michele, the winner of our Micro:bit door prize at the October meeting.  
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Reporting back from CSTA meeting

Posted by CSTA on Sep 10, 2019
Reporting back about the CSTA National Meeting in Phoenix last July.  It was hot!  Please note that as Floridians, many of the attendees felt this nonsense about dry heat was just that.
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Posted on Jul 10, 2019
We are looking forward to another school year beginning in August. As a reminder our virtual meetings will be the first Wednesday of the month @ 7 p.m. beginning in September with no meeting in December or January - folks are just too busy then!
Our in-person meeting will again take place at FETC in January.  Please note that this year's FETC is happening in Miami.  And while we are on the subject of Miami, congratulations to them for getting a local chapter of CSTA going.  We are looking forward to partnering as much as we can!
The agenda for this year will be similar to last.  The first meeting will be an opportunity to let us know what sort of PD you are looking for and what you would like for our chapter to do to help us with goal setting.  
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