Posted by CSTA on Sep 10, 2019
Reporting back about the CSTA National Meeting in Phoenix last July.  It was hot!  Please note that as Floridians, many of the attendees felt this nonsense about dry heat was just that.
The good news here is that CSTA has invested a lot of resources to help build, support and grow out our chapters.  There were many new faces and lots of optimism for the growth of this organization.  I would like to encourage you to become more active in our chapter, as much as your schedule allows.  We are looking for volunteers to help us meet our chapter goals to maintain our members and to grow out our chapter.  Each chapter was "gifted" micro:bits.  We have two so far, and hopefully more will be mailed to us.  We will have a drawing for a free micro:bit at our meeting in October. You have to be "present" to win, and the micro:bit will be mailed to the winner.  Be sure to tune in and win this cool prize courtesy of CSTA.