This summer, like everything else it seems, we saw changes as our annual conference went virtual. Kudos to the folks that chose a great platform for this event of  While it wasn't the same as being in person, it was an interesting platform that offered several features of a face-to-face event.  Included among the options were a live stage, breakout sessions, vendor floor, and networking opportunities.  For an old person like me, the networking felt too much like speed-dating so I opted out. The live sessions were mostly taped events that were played with a live audience, but the speakers, Dr. Benjamin and Linda Liukas were inspirational.  Dr. Benjamin has a great book, Race after Technology and Liukas has a series of cs books for children that you can check out on Amazon. One advantage to the format was that if you opted into a breakout lecture that wasn't to your liking, a simple click took you out of one and then into another - much less pressure than trying to avoid leaving the room in front of a live speaker! So it was fun to surf the breakouts. All in all, I got some ideas to help us plan our sessions in the months to come. Also, live, there are lots of new resources for CS teacher standards. If you haven't yet check them out here.